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Ohio Northern Region BBG
Regional Board

Introducing your 2003-2004 Regional Board...

REGIONAL N'SIAH- Sarah Pearl Clayman
Sarah is a Junior at Kennedy Catholic. She hails from Dodi Li BBG #69. Sarah has served as Regional Aym Ha-Chavairot and Regional 6-Fold Chairwoman. She has also served as chapter MIT-N'siah, Sunshine Girl, Sh'licha, Aym Ha-Chaverot, S'ganit. She's on the danceline and is active in many school clubs.  But most of all she enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. You can email Sarah at
REGIONAL S'GANIT- Lindsay Faith Weintraub
I am a junior at Revere High School and a dedicated member of Hillel BBG #614 in Akron. I have served as chapter Orechet twice, Gizbarit, S'ganit, N'siah and am currently chapter Madricha. Also, I served as chapter creativity fold chairwoman. I am active in many school activities: National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Student Council and the RHS Varsity Tennis Team, among many others. I have attended Chapter Leadership Training Camp as well as International Leadership Training Conference, both in the happiest place on earth... STARLIGHT PA! I am obsessed with Pulp(in my OJ) and i love the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrack... The Princess Diaries is amazing...!
Kari is a Junior at Northview High School. She hails from B'not Shalom BBG #407. Her past positions include N'siah (x2), Aym Ha-Chaverot, Sh'licha, Gizbarit, Mazkirah, Madricha (x2), MIT Board N'siah and Regional MBA Chairwoman. Kari loves a lot of sports, but her main passion is crew. She is also in German Club, and in Choir. She used to be in band and played Oboe and Clarinet. Guitar is also one of her hobbies. KAri also belongs to USY, another Jewish youth group, which she serves as Vice President of Israel/World Affairs in. You can contact Kari at
Jessica Axel, a junior at Shaker Heights High School. She hails from Chaia BBG #220. Her past positions include Safranit (2x), Orechet, Aym Ha-Chavairot, S'ganit, N'siah and Madricha. She also served as Regional Traditions and Archives Chairwoman. She has attended CLTC 5 2001 and ILTC 2002.  Her hobbies include SHHS Wind Ensemble, creative writing, and Holocaust Impact Theatre. Jessica can be reached at
REGIONAL MADRICHA- Jessica Leigh Schuman
Jessica is a Senior at Cleveland Heights High School. Jessica has served as Regional N'siah and Regional Traditions and Archives Chairwoman. She has also served as chapter Safranit, Katvanit (x2), S'ganit and N'siah (x2) for the lovely girls of Hatikvah BBG #987! Jessica is also an extremely proud Genesis AZA #2433 Sweetheart!  Her hobbies include tennis, working at the aftercare center at the Mayfield JCC, working at Anisfeild Day Camp during the summer, and doing as much BBG as possible! Jessica is 100% obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants. You can email Jessica at

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